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Доставка и оплата

Время работы: будние дни с 9:00 до 21:00
(Минск, Минский р-н).

При заказе товаров на сумму свыше 150 BYN доставка по Минску бесплатно.

Пункт самовывоза: г. Минск, ул. Инженерная, 8.
Время работы: будние дни с 9.00 до 17.30.

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Revelations that are only yours

It all became clear already yesterday – it’s over. And you feel keenly
that bereavements are all around us. It’s about relatives, health, love, job
or a dream. It’s important not to lose...

But there is always a melody that could able to awaken your
inner spirit. Inspiring. Not to get going or change something.
But simply move on. In order to find a peace in heart.
Even though for a few moments. But they are yours. And they fill you out.

Then you can just enjoy the moments of silence.
You are able to feel this moment of life.
To feel yourself into this moment.
Somebody call it meditation.
I call it Gardenmonia.
The energy that fills the home of my life.

Gardenmonia — inspiration in every moment.